Energy or natural resources

Led by the oil and gas industry, this sector regularly pumps the vast majority of its campaign contributions into Republican coffers. Even as other traditionally GOP-inclined industries have shifted somewhat to the left, this sector has remained rock-solid red.Since the 1990 election cycle, interests from this sector have contributed more than two-thirds of its campaign contributions to Republican candidates. Another big contributor in this sector - and another big GOP supporter - is the electric utilities industry. Less generous, but even more partisan, is the mining industry.Energy companies usually make lawmakers in fossil-fuel producing states their financial targets. Republicans have led the efforts to defeat President Barack Obama\'s climate-change legislation, otherwise known as \"cap and trade.\" Still, the energy sector did contribute $2.7 million to Obama\'s 2008 campaign.Obama\'s White House has promised to reverse the Bush administration\'s stance on energy issues. But Obama, despite visiting a climate change summit in Copenhagen, Denmark, in late 2009, found little success in securing sweeping energy or industrial emission reforms either domestically or internationally. Congress is slated to address climate change legislation during 2010, but some members believe the issue may we can use these social and energy resources we are here to give you complete information.our website