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Gil Making Strategies: End Game Farming

Once you reach 50, a lot of potential options open up for you to make money, although they might not be obvious right away. Disciples of War and Disciples of Magic can farm enemies, in the same way as described above. Crafters always need more materials, so this is typically a steady supply of income. Desired items vary per world, but it usually isn\'t hard to figure out what the people need. Fleece, Diremite Web, Crystals, Clusters, and many other items can be found on enemies.

Killing enemies isn\'t the only way to make money. Dungeons like Ampador Keep give you Tomes of Philosophy upon... Read More

Question about FFXIV RMT reports

I don\'t know if this is FFXIV Gil the right place to post this sort of question but I was looking at the action taken report
and I wanted to know if it\'s possible to see numbers/stats by servers?
I want to make an alt (I skipped all ever cut scenes/dialog so I want to replay and actually enjoy everything) but I don\'t want one on my current server (Leviathan) and I don\'t want to transfer to another server riddled with RMT spam.
(I hope that makes sense. Thanks!)

Or would it just be better/easier to ask other people in other servers if it\'s worth going there?

I don\'t know about... Read More

If i play in Final Fantasy XIV pc and buy the bundle will i get early access?

In the US Playstation FFXIV Gil store there is no option to download the expansion by itself only the bundle how that works?

if i play on the PC and buy for the PS4 the bundle will i still get early play? not that i will be playing much during that weekend but still would like to know.

does anyone know? since there is no heavensward expansion in PS4 store only the bundle plus the regular game.

pardon i should have rephrased the question but no way to edit the title of the post. i play on pc but i lag to much, so i decided that for heavensward i would completely switch to PS4 and then... Read More

From 50 to 60 stat FFXIV bonuses guesses

So we know it will take same Final Fantasy XIV Gil amount of time from 1 to 50.

How about the base stats gained when leveling up. In the blackmage demonstration from yoshida the MP was crazy for the blackmage. I think it was 11k and at level 50 the MP bar for a blm is about 4k. Will see drastic increases in resistances dex, str etc.

How much extra bonus attribute stats do you think we will receive. I\'m hoping that we get a total of 30 just like we did from 1 to 50 or do you think it will be more?

And on this subject will they separate the attribute points for SCH and SMN. really dont... Read More

The best place to buy cheap FFXIV Gil online for sale – FF14GilHub

The Final Fantasy Series launched its fourteenth in the series called Final Fantasy XIV. Essentially, it is an MMORGP, which is an abbreviation for Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. Square Enix being its publisher and developer, this game, with its ever increasing popularity is available in several different languages like English, Japanese, French and German.The game takes place in the fictional land of Eorzea, amid rumors of a possible invasion by the Garlean Empire from the north. Players create and customize avatars who take on the role of adventurers in this troubled time.In... Read More HELPING PLAYERS BUY GIL ONLINE

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FF14GilHub.Com Now Offers In- Game Coins To Make For More Enjoyable Gaming

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Final Fantasy XIV is a popular and big game by MMORPG - Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game. The game uses special kind of currency known as FFXIV Gil. This is the 14th game in the series of final fantasy and was published and developed by Square Enix. At present,... Read More